Interactive Online Sauerkraut Workshop

Learn how to make sauerkraut in an interactive workshop where you can get answers to your questions in real time.

Claudia & swisscultured

Hi, I'm Claudia and I've been running workshops in Zurich, Switzerland for the past 5 years. I share my favourite recipes on my blog,, as well as the strategies I apply in order to stay healthy.


As a mother of 3, plus a dog, I choose to live a healthy lifestyle full of energy. I also believe that health is not only what you eat, it is much more than that! 


I am passionate about fermented foods and my mission is to share the ability to make these superfoods so that you can reap their benefits too!


Fermented foods are just the beginning of a healthier life and a better you. Join me in this journey and start fermenting today!



Interactive online workshop where we make the delicious and probiotic ferment called sauerkraut. We make it together so you can ask your questions and get answers in real time.

  • Hands-on workshop

    We will be making sauerkraut together. You will be able to see the instructions and other participants at the same time.

  • Step-by-step instructions

    We go slowly, one step at a time, showing you the process of how the sauerkraut is made.

  • Timeline worksheet

    You can download a printable timeline so you know what you need to do during the fermentation process, after the workshop.

  • After the workshop support

    You will get access to videos showing you how your sauerkraut should look like during the days after the workshop has taken place.

It was very inspiring to take this course!! Videos and information were filled with love and generosity to share the benefits of fermentation!!!!


Easy straightforward guidelines for fermenting! Definitely worth the time investing. Easy and clear guidance. Thank you.


Thank you very much for the detailed videos and your support throughout the course. It was fun and educational! I loved the videos that show step by step what to do.


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